Luxe for Less: Transforming a $29 Kmart Ottoman

Over the weekend I saw one of Saint Jack's favourite makeup artists Dani Cousens transform this Kmart ottoman on Instagram and I was like, 'yasss queen, I can do that'. I love how it turned out, so I thought I'd share a step-by-step for anyone who wants to give it a go (and possibly has a little extra time up their sleeve in lockdown). I also made a reel of the whole process, which you can watch here!  

What you'll need:

Step One 

Kmart Ottoman with Cushion cover removed, exposed timber cover and dog nose

The base of the ottoman is already prepped for painting so the first thing you've gotta do is remove the cushion top from the lid to get it down to this timber base. The lid has a foam 'cushion' secured with some velour fabric, I found the edge of the foam and used a serrated knife to cut in. I cut all the way round until I could get the foam out. 

You'll see the timber peaking through but the fabric is attached to the lid from the base. Carefully cut it away using the knife or scissors. I had a box cutter lying around and used this. 

*corgi not included 

Step Two

Timber ottoman painted and drying in the sun

Drop a sheet and paint dat baby! I tipped the ottoman so the bottom was facing up to stop any paint getting inside it, but whatever floats your boat. I used a bright white to suit my room but you could paint it whatever you like - duh!

I did three coats, letting it dry for about an hour in the sun in between. Then I let this bad boy dry overnight before putting it anywhere near my carpet lol. 

Step Three

Saint Jack Makeup Cleaning Mist, Diptyque Mimosa Candle, Flint Rechargeable Lighter and Decorative items sit on DIY ottoman

Pop your new expensive lookin' ottoman inside and dress him up! Mine sits next to my boucle chair (another Kmart special), here with my favourite candle, Flint rechargeable lighter and a few of my favourite things. 

If you give this a go please DM or tag me to show me what you create! I'd love to see how you put your own spin on it x