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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Top tips for spring cleaning your makeup bag and skincare routine. We tackle expiry dates, adjusting your skincare for the seasons and taking the chance to try a new trend.

It’s that time of year again – cleaning wardrobes, throwing out useless stuff and watching The Home Edit on Netflix. Something you might be forgetting? Your makeup bag and skincare shelf! Here, I’m taking you through my top tips for spring cleaning your beauty routine and levelling up just in time for the sun. 

Purge… and purge again.

I don’t know about you, but the back of my bathroom cupboard is where makeup goes to die... I put it there with good intentions, promising myself that I’ll wear that lipstick one day or that that foundation shade will be passable when I have a four-day old fake tan.  

If something is taking up space your physical environment, it’s likely cluttering your brain too. Take this opportunity to detach yourself from the guilt we often feel when we throw things in the bin. Take the things you don’t use anymore, thank them for their service and get them in the rubbish. I promise, you'll feel so much better having the space on your shelf for new products and new memories.

Your makeup & skincare have expiry dates. Read them!

On the topic of throwing out the things you don’t use, it’s also time to throw out the things that are no longer good for you – literally. Not only do products lose their efficacy over time, they oxidise, carry bacteria and smell bad too. 

Most makeup and skincare have an expiry symbol on the back that tell you how long the product is good for in months. Foundation is usually good for a year, compared to mascara which is good for three to six months. You’ve typically got a longer grace period with powder products but if you’ve been using the same moisturiser for two years, it’s probably time to replace that baby. 

Adjust your skincare for the season

In winter, we tend to wear thicker creams to boost moisture. In spring / summer you stop wearing extra layers on your body, so why would you keep wearing them on your face? Swap out your super thick moisturisers for something more lightweight. It’ll be easier for your skin to breathe and you won’t feel as oily during the day.

One piece of skincare advice that is good for all seasons? Never, ever, skip the SPF.

Take the chance to try something new

There’s a sense of reinvention that comes with warmer weather – I mean, if flowers bloom in spring, why can’t we? We’ve been stuck inside for a lot of 2020, which has meant a lot of leggings and not many makeup adventures. As the weather gets warmer take this chance to try a new beauty trend to put a pep in your step.

Recently, I’m vibing the clean colour trend and I’ve fallen in love with the Fenty Beauty Flypencil Eyeliner to add a pop of colour to my everyday makeup. It’s pigmented AF, glides right over the eye and it's compliment-central whenever I wear it. Best part? Coloured eyeliner looks amazing with our signature Silk Masks!