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As a makeup artist, I've spent years perfecting my craft, learning all the tips & tricks to make my clients feel like the best version of themselves.

No matter how beautiful the bride or great the job, one thing was always the same - I always dreaded the cleaning. Cleaning the makeup, cleaning the brushes, cleaning the tools... It was never ending, and I'd never been happy with the products that were meant to help me.

During the pandemic, while I was out of work and we were all extra-cautious about hygiene, it dawned on me. If the product I was looking for didn't exist - I should make it. And if not now - while the world was on pause - when?

Enter, Saint Jack. The cosmetics brand I'd always dreamed of creating, that stands for taking sour lemons & making the closest thing resembling lemonade.

I hope you'll make some magic with Saint Jack & me xx